As you identify social drivers of health needing support, here is a list of national resources that can be applied in these areas. ACCC has curated a comprehensive resource bank of nationally available publications, tools, videos, and other relevant assets to help multidisciplinary cancer care teams identify and address social drivers of health and provide equitable care for patients. Filter resources by topic or do a keyword search.

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Helping Yourself Live When You are Dying
The Helping Series offers assistance to bereaved family and care partners in coping with specific types of death and grief responses.
Center for Loss & Life Transition
Patient-Friendly Language for Cancer Clinical Trials
This glossary addresses selected words and phrases that patients with cancer have identified as particularly difficult to understand when discussing potential participation in a clinical trial or reading an informed consent document.
US Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
Questions to Ask Your Doctor about Treatment Clinical Trials
Questions to ask before partiticipating in a clinical trial
National Cancer Institute
Clinical Trial Locator
Government website for finding clinical trials all over the world
NIH National Library of Medicine
Clinical Trials Help Build the Future of Medicine
To ensure that people who need clinical trials have equal access to them, with the goal of helping all people benefit from trials and their results.
National Cancer Institute
Deciding to Take Part in a Clinical Trial
Like all treatment options, clinical trials have possible benefits and risks. Find information you can use when making your decision about whether taking part in a trial is right for you.
National Cancer Institute
Clinical Trials: What you need to know
A resource to help prepare cancer patients to discuss the pros and cons of being in a clinical trial with their family and their providers.
American Cancer Society (ACS)
American Cancer Society: Clinical Trials Videos
Explore these videos to get answers to basic questions and concerns about clinical trials so that you will be better prepared to discuss this option with your doctor and your family.
American Cancer Society (ACS)
What Are Clinical Trials?
Information covering the basics of cancer clinical trials, including what they are, where they take place, and the types of clinical trials. Also, explains phases, randomization, placebo, and members of the research team.
National Cancer Institute
Selected NCI-Supported Trials
This page describes some of the major clinical trials and studies that NCI supports to test promising cancer treatments and screening and prevention methods.
National Cancer Institute
Quick Guide to Clinical Trials (English)
Two page guide explaining clinical trials
Triage Cancer
Paying for Clinical Trials
Learn about the different types of costs related to taking part in a clinical trial, who is expected to pay for which costs, and tips for working with insurance companies.
National Cancer Institute
Patient Safety in Clinical Trials
There are federal rules in place to help protect the rights and safety of people who take part in clinical trials. Learn about informed consent, institutional review boards (IRB's), and how trials are closely monitored.
National Cancer Institute
Looking for a Clinical Trial?
Fnd a trial or contact NCI for help by phone, email, or online chat.
National Cancer Institute
ACORI Clinical Research Terms Glossary
This Clinical Research Terms Glossary provides definitions of words and terms related to clinical research in clear language to help improve patient education and shared decision-making discussions.
Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC)
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